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Dame DC Cordova: A Wealthier You!

Dame DC Cordova

Dame DC Cordova

A Wealthier You!

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What you will learn in this interview

  • Dame DC’s formula for financial success
  • Why it’s so important to clear your blocks and get neutral (flat) about money
  • The truth about money
  • The 3 steps to money management
  • DC’s recipe for success
  • Why she sets up a system where other people prosper more than she does
  • Why Oprah is a success
  • A shocking prediction about Kim Kardashian

More about our featured guest Dame DC Cordova

Dame D.C. Cordova is  CEO of Excellerated Business Schools and Money & You®, a global organization that has over 100,000 graduates. She works with high-level entrepreneurs and business leaders—taking them to their next levels of success. She has mentored some of the top motivational and business experts in the world, including Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker —all of whom attended Money & You® before they reached the level of success they enjoy today. Dame DC Cordova was knighted for her lifetime of service to humanity.

If you commit your life for the betterment of humanity, the great spirit will take care of you.

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