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David Watson

Open Yourself to Your Inner Voice

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What you will learn

  • How David Watson became a trance channeler

  • What David experiences when he channels the Willows 

  • Life wisdom from the Willow’s perspective

  • Why it’s important to release your inner critic

More about our featured guest David Watson

David Watson is a popular channeler, workshop leader, author and life strategist in Toronto, Canada. He has been channeling a group of entities called The Willows since 1986 – in a style similar to Edgar Cayce. The Willows  describe themselves as a Soul Group or Group Energy often consisting of thousands of entities that exist on both the physical and non-physical plane. This includes entities on the spirit plane as well as the Higher Selves of many still living in the here and now, including your higher self when you engage in a Willow session.

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