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Dr. Ellie Zarrabian is the Founder and Spiritual Director of the Centerpeace Foundation and the Centerpeace Project. She is also the forthcoming author of the book, “Six Degrees of Liberation: Finding Inner Peace Through Conflict.” Dr. Ellie helps empower individuals and mobilize communities to heal generational trauma, learn more effective ways to communicate and reduce conflict to calm using mind body and spiritual approaches to healing and transcendence.

Dr. Ellie’s Book and Website: CenterPeaceProject

Dr. Ellie Zarrabian

Resolving Conflict

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What You Will Learn

  •  Why people have so much conflict in their lives?

  • Do people share similar conflict even though they are from different parts of the world?

  • Do we have to actively work on ourselves to dissolve conflict?

  • What happens if we ignore the signs without dealing with the inner conflicts we carry around? 

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