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Judy Van Niekerk

Judy Van Niekerk

How an App on Your Smartphone Creates the Perfect Fitting Bra

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What you will learn in this interview

  • What does it mean to overcome challenges?
  • The daily ritual that brought her calm, inner peace, and even joy during the years she was imprisoned by her father
  • Why trying to fit in and be like other people almost destroyed her
  • How she learned to lose her fear and “Charge her Challenges” to pioneer innovative solutions over the past 20 years
  • How you can dig out the gold and treasures of your worst experiences to create the life you are destined to live
  • Why it’s important to allow yourself to explore the pain and suffering,
  • Why you need to move beyond the pain, so you can shine through those experiences and embody your magnificence
  • How Judy capitalized on her challenges to create the Digital Bra
  • Why it’s important to love yourself the way you are right now
  • Over 85% of women wear bras that don’t fit which leads to medical and posture issues
  • Why the digital bra is innovative unique
  • How you can scan yourself securely with an app on your mobile phone, which takes over 100 measurements to guarantee a perfect fit.
  • How the Digital Bra will save you from being restricted and constricted
  • How this bra will empower women.

More about our featured guest Judy van Niekerk

Judy van Niekerk’s life story has captured global media, including The BBC, RTE and Cosmopolitan. After this best-selling author courageously shared her story of sexual abuse from her father, the reporting of sexual assault in Ireland increased 75%.

This entrepreneur and philanthropist made history in South Africa by persuading the government to allow her to plant wine vineyards on Tribal land, creating hundreds of jobs and empowerment opportunities. She’s now empowering women through her latest project The Digital Bra, a revolutionary hi-tech solution to a serious problem for women the world over – making customized bras for women irrespective of their shape and size. Women deserve the perfect fit.

Committed to making a difference through her childhood challenges, Judy found her passion in empowering people to love and honor themselves regardless of what happened in their lives. The Digital Bra is not just a high-tech innovation. It allows women to finally embrace and love their bodies.

Nothing, nobody but yourself can give you peace and calm.

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