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Practical Mystic, Maureen St. Germain serves as a messenger for the Ascended Masters and the Angelic realm. She practices the MerKaBa, and is the founder of Akashic Records International. She teaches the Akashic Records through your own Higher Self which is essential for your fastest heart-centered personal evolvement to your 5D expression. She is the author of Beyond the Flower of Life, Be A Genie, Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality books, along with dozens of guided meditation CDs. Her books and CDs have been translated into Russian, Italian and Chinese.

Maureen’s Book: Waking Up in 5D Book


Maureen St. Germain

Waking UP in 5D

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What You Will Learn

  • What is 5D?

  • What happened to 4D? Why are we jumping from 3D to 5D?

  • Specific steps can you proactively take to be 5D?

  • New ways of speaking, thinking and acting that will reinforce your mastery path to ascension

  • How to recognize the 3D anchors that will hold you in 5D

  • Why there’s no more Karma

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