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Natalie Ledwell

Maximize Your Brain’s Potential to Make More Money

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What you will learn in this interview

How mind movies came into being

How to Manifest Your Life:

  1. get clear about what you want and create an image
  2. create affirmations
  3. pick the music that stimulates an emotional response and excitement
  4. 5 types of affirmations
    1. your what – what specific goal are you looking for
    2. what life is like now – (once you’re there in your future)
    3. Your why – why are you stepping out of your comfort zone to create this reality?
    4. Your action – what is the next step? what habits?
    5. Your thought affirmations – how do you need to change the way you think to create this goal?

More about our featured guest Natalie Ledwell

Natalie Ledwell is the bestselling author of “Never in Your Wildest Dreams”, an inspiring speaker, host of The Inspiration Show and co-founder of Mind Movies.

Natalie and her Mind Movies team have reached over 2.1 million people around the globe empowering them to use the same success principles she used to crawl out from under $120K of credit card debt to build a multimillion-dollar company in 4 short years, during the worst world economic crisis we have seen in our lifetime.

Natalie also fulfills her mission of making a positive difference around the world through Mind Movies for Kids & her groundbreaking school curriculum entitled “PD for Kids”, currently being implemented to underprivileged children in Colombia.

If we can’t see it in your mind, you can’t create it in your reality

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