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Pat Duckworth

Why menopause is the best time to Reinvent Your Life

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What you will learn

  • Why menopause can lead to greater creativity

  • How to reframe your view on menopause

  • How diet and alternative therapy can prevent hot flashes

  • Why it’s time to unlock your entrepreneurial mojo

More about our featured guest Pat Duckworth

Pat Duckworth is a midlife mentor, author and international public speaker. After over 30 years working in the public sector at a senior management level, Pat discovered her entrepreneurial mojo in her mid-50s and retrained as a therapist and coach. Since then she has published four books including the #1 International Bestseller ‘Hot Women Rock; How to discover your midlife entrepreneurial mojo’.

Pat specializes in helping women at midlife to overcome the obstacles to being their true, powerful selves. 

She is a regular guest on radio shows in the UK, America and Canada.

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