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Shawne Duperone

Moving Through Forgiveness

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What you will learn in this interview

  • The 5 stages of forgiveness

  • Why non-forgiveness keeps you stuck in victimhood

  • Why boundaries are so important and how to set them

  • How to move through the grief of your expectations

  • How to be a compassionate friend to yourself

  • How to accept the apology you’ll never receive

More about our featured guest Shawne Duperon

Six-time EMMY Award winner Shawne Duperon has taught thousands how to communicate in business using universal themes of love, fear, and forgiveness in the workplace. Shawne works with corporations, entrepreneurs, universities and government agencies across the globe. She has interviewed many presidents and has filmed hundreds of celebrities. You have seen her featured in major media including, CNN, ABC, Inc. Magazine, and USA Today. Her personal passion is forgiveness. Her story of overcoming child sexual abuse has inspired thousands. Her movement on global forgiveness was created through a film called Project: Forgive. The film’s five-minute video has been seen by tens of thousands.

This process of forgiveness is different for everyone. There’s no wrong way to forgive.

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