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Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino: Finally a CURE, for HIV, Herpes and Lyme Disease???

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What you will learn in this interview

  • What is Scalar Energy?

  • How Tom Paladino’s technology utilizes the life force of the universe

  • How his tools eliminate pathogens, yet leave the body unharmed, able to return to health

  • Why Tom can treat people through their photographs

  • How cell phones and TV’s can travel back in time

More about our featured guest Tom Paladino

After 25 years of research, Tom Paladino appears to have effectively harnessed radiant life force energy – (prana, qi, zero point energy) or scalar energy – for the remote healing of pathogenic disease. He has pioneered the pathogenic cleanse, a technique that causes bacteria, pathogens, and viruses to disassemble or fall apart. Even diseases previously thought incurable, such as herpes, Lyme disease, and HIV/AIDS have diminished or disappeared altogether under scalar wave light treatment. He needs only your photo to work on you remotely with this powerful technology.

Scalar energy is the intelligence that controls and holds together all physical forms

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  1. This is very interesting methods. Is there a proof for the cure?

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