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Bonus 2: Your New Body Activation

Let the music and energetically programmed activation by MarBeth reach deep within your cells to rejuvenate and  recharge you. Used daily, you may experience a greater aliveness and Joy of Life!

You’ll notice yourself feeling

  • Alive
  • Rejuvenated
  • Aligned
  • Happier
  • Healthier

MarBeth Dunn is a kundalini yoga instructor and master of energy. She has infused this activation with love and healing energy to give you an extra boost.

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  1. Marbeth
    I really think that it would be useful for you, Harrison and I to talk about how there is a shift in the way that we should be talking abut energy and move it into talking about (pure) information. Most of what you have been taught about ‘energy’ is simply incorrect as what is meant is information. Even in this Magnificent universe, energy has some limits but information has none.

    Energy and matter are likely limited in the speed that they can achieve, even though some changes in how we should be seeing those limits are underway. Both energy and mass are impermanent and will disappear at some point in time.

    Information is likely moving instantaneously and is everywhere and does not degrade. It has no shelf life. It also has no real limitations.

    When you talk about energy and frequency and higher forms, you are really talking about information and, in the long run, you should be considering a change in the way that you express those ideas.

    This universe and Source is/are not things or beings, but they are information. Source is a process called (pure) information and it is everywhere and may be using us to build up more information as we ‘perceive’ on our path this time around.

    Perhaps you could review a few items by Ervin Laszlo (The Club of Budapest) to get one change in how this universe is now being understood.

    Note that I belong to several of Harrison’s groups, but never seem to get a response from him – but then I have not heard back from you either, when I posted previously.

    Jim H. White (James Herbert White)
    writing as Jesuis Laplume on the coming together of science ans spirituality
    1 613 986 0323

    published on as author Jesuis Laplume

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